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  • Victoria BC - Whale Watching Adventure

    B.C. Memories That'll Last a Lifetime

    Orca Spirit offers you Victoria’s original & authentic whale watching experience. You’ll tour the waters around Vancouver Island—which boast some of the most spectacular marine wildlife on the planet—with a certified marine naturalist. You can have the opportunity to view orcas, humpbacks, gray and minke whales, porpoises, seals, sea lions, and bald eagles in their natural environment, and perhaps even listen to whale vocalizations as many of our boats are outfitted with hydrophones.

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  • Watch Our Video - Victoria Whale Watching

    Cross One Off Your Bucket-List

    Victoria’s Original & Authentic Whale Watching Experience will stay with you for a lifetime. You’ll come to face to face with some of nature’s most spectacular creatures — orcas, humpbacks, porpoises, sea lions, seals, and bald eagles. It’s something that has to be seen to be believed.

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  • Whale Watching Shuttle - Victoria BC

    Free Shuttle in Downtown Victoria

    We’re here to offer you the experience of a lifetime—so you shouldn’t be distracted by such details as navigating Victoria’s downtown or hunting for parking. That’s why Orca Spirit Adventures offers a courtesy shuttle service for all guests. We’ll pick you up at your hotel and drop you off at our front door—and when your whale watching adventure is over we’ll happily shuttle you anywhere in the downtown core.

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  • Orca Expert on Every Vessel

    A Marine Naturalist on Every Tour

    Orca Spirit Adventures provides a certified marine naturalist on every tour. Our knowledgeable and friendly experts provide educational commentary throughout the tour on all the members of Vancouver Island’s unique marine community. Many of our boats are outfitted with hydrophones offering you the unique experience of listening to whales vocalize in the wild.

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    Protecting The Whales That We Love

    You won’t find a group of people who appreciate and respect Vancouver Island’s marine wildlife more than the crew at Orca Sprit Adventures, which is why we are a proud proponent of the Pacific Whale Watch Association guidelines for responsible whale watching. And a portion of all whale watching adventure proceeds goes to support local marine research initiatives.

    Protecting Whales' Future


Blog Posts

A Record Breaking 2014 Whale Watching Season!

alex2 croppedWe would like to thank all of our guests from near and far for joining us on another spectacular Whale Watching season.  We started off the season in April with a bang and sightings became more prolific as the months went on. The Southern Resident Killer Whales had made their presence known early this year, presumably due to higher Salmon stocks early in the season.  We witnessed some of the most incredible Transient Killer Whale hunts you can be fortunate enough to encounter and researchers reported record high sightings of the Killer Whale eco-type this season.  
animal collage

Rare and increased sightings for numerous species were spotted off our coastline this season, from pods of hundreds of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins to Sea Otters, Humpback Whales and even the very rare Right Whale. Our other sightings were certainly not shy in abundance either and included spectacular displays from Minke Whales, Stellar and California Sea Lions, Harbour Seals, Dall’s and Harbour Porpoises, River Otters, Elephant Seals, Bald Eagles, Cormorants and so much more! Every year we are amazed and humbled at just how powerful and full of life the Salish Sea can be.

large malesTypically early in the season, the resident Orcas will tease us and disappear for a while, making their presence somewhat elusive, but this year as soon as they came back to the area after a winter away, they were here to stay well into October! Not only were the Residents in full force but the Transient Orcas as well.  The Pacific Whale Watching Association reported an all-time high for sightings of Transient Orcas (Marine Mammal-eating) this season.  Some believe it is due to higher counts of Harbour Seals, with Transients keeping natural population levels in check.
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    Famous Killer Whales

    Many Killer Whales have become famous over their lifetime — for heroic acts, entertainment and some sad stories of their capture and life in captivity.

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    Responsible Whale Watching

    Committed to ensuring that whales remain with us for generations to come. Learn about our viewing guidelines and our support for local marine research programs.

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