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Victoria, B.C. Orca Sightings & Marine Wildlife Reports — Weekly Summary

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New Salt Water Aquarium & Touch Tank

New Salt Water Aquarium & Touch Tank
We at Orca Spirit Adventures are very excited to introduce the newest edition to our Education Room: a saltwater aquarium and touch tank, courtesy of World Fisheries Trust and The Seaquaria Program.  
The Seaquaria in-school program introduces Coastal BC in schools from kindergarten to grade 12, by setting up temporary homes for local marine life.  The marine creatures are cared for by students themselves giving them a hands-on education and helps to build respect and stewardship skills.  Seaquaria is currently doing an Indigogo campaign to raise enough funds to keep this program going and we’re doing everything we can to help.  
We are very lucky to have one of their temporary installments in our Education room for the remainder of our season.  Stop by and say hello to our newest creatures and learn a little more about our coastal marine environment. 
Please help to keep this essential education program going on our coast.  This campaign closes on June 28th and they have only reached $5000 (half of their campaign goal) so far.
To find out how you can help, check out their website at and their  video as well.
Thanks for reading! 

Super Pod!

Super Pod!
Working in the marine industry on the west coast of Vancouver Island is filled with so much beauty and daily excitement.   Most days we have absolutely gorgeous weather, we see wildlife in abundance and have an amazing backdrop that is the Salish Sea.  As naturalists out there every day, we are so fortunate to see this backdrop, wildlife and whales all the time!  Some say we may get sick of it after a while... Not a chance! There is nothing like the feeling of coming on scene with Southern Resident Killer Whales: An endangered species, Apex Predator and a Keystone Species to our ecosystem. So majestic and magnificent, it takes our breath away every time.  
IMG 6020But what is it that tops it all?  What really gets our hearts pumping and toes tapping? One word that all Naturalists on the water live for:  SUPERPOD!  This is the term for when all three pods of the Southern Resident Killer Whale Community come together to play, mate and forage.  Just imagine witnessing this behavior with 80 Orcas all together!  Some breaching, some tail slapping, it's like a synchronized "Orca-stra" out there.  July 2nd marked the return of all three pods to the Salish Sea and you better believe we were there to witness!

A-MAY-zing days!

A-MAY-zing days!
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What a month it has been!  Filled with the most incredible weather we could ask for in May, reaching temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius (that's 73 Fahrenheit for you folks south of the border!); not too bad, not too bad at all... Dockside celebrations, certificates and whale sightings galore, what else could a west coast wanderer ask for?
WHRB online decalWe welcomed the newest members of our team this month in the office and on board our vessels, and welcomed back our return staff with World Host training, put on by Destination BC.  That's right, you read it here first: Orca Spirit Adventures is now a World Host recognized business!  So what does that mean exactly? Well, World Host Training Services is an internationally recognized certificate program that trains Customer Service staff to the highest standard of customer care out there!  We pride ourselves on the level of hospitality we provide and are proud to be part of their team!
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  The new season not only brings new staff, but new plans and new ideas.  We are in the works of updating and renewing our Education Center to include interactive material for students and guests to explore the wonders of the west coast, before setting foot on board one of our whale watching vessels. The Ogden Point Enhancement Society has supplied us with some educational posters and detailed information on the marine ecology and geography of the Pacific Northwest.  More details to follow about some VERY exciting new "members" of our team. Stop by to discover what you can learn about our very own backyard!